Wonderfoam Giant Usa Photo Puzzle Map

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Our WonderFoam® Giant USA Photo Puzzle Map brings history to life! This beautiful map is chockfull of fun facts, and will pull your kids into history and geography like never before. Take a walk through the American Revolution, enjoy the natural beauty of California, or discuss the Battle of Little Big Horn! From American history, to music and geography we cover it all. Includes 57 total puzzle pieces with 50 state pieces (Connecticut and Rhode Island as one piece, Michigan in two sections), five Great Lakes and two interlocking playbars (to attach Alaska and Hawaii). Includes a fun facts history and landmark study guide. Completed puzzle measures 4' wide x 2-1/2' high.

Key Features :

Helps teach children historical landmarks and events in each stateBring history to life with this Giant USA Photo Puzzle MapCompleted puzzle measures 4' wide x 2-1/2" highContains 57 piecesIncludes fun facts history and landmark study guide