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Easily punch 12 sheets with a SmartTouch™ low force punch. A manual, 3-hole punch the low force design of SmartTouch reduces the amount of effort needed to punch clean holes by 40% when compared to a standard paper punch. The soft grip handle not only makes it more comfortable, but also locks down to allow for more compact storage when not in use. A hole pattern in the punch base provides visibility into chip tray to see when it is full. An opening in the back and a removable base allow two options for quick and easy emptying of paper chips. Built-in ruler and edge guide deliver perfectly aligned punching of 9/32" holes. The perfect spacing helps you easily insert sheets into ring binders, folders and report covers. The durable metal construction is long lasting and a 90-day manufacturer's warranty is included.

- Hole punching is much easier with a SmartTouch™ reduced effort punch. You can 3-hole punch a stack of papers with 40% less effort than needed with a standard model.
- It is 40% easier to punch with SmartTouch™ than with a standard paper punch.
- Durable metal construction; 3-hole punches through 12 sheets.
- Packed with easy-to-use features such as a soft grip handle, viewable chip tray and locking handle, this 3-hole punch is perfect for any office worker.