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Gain confidence and a sense of achievement from improved coordination, balance and correct movement with Step-a-Logs. Step-a-Logs consist of 6 plastic "logs", which are connected by adjustable rope. Two ramps enable easy access for children to walk one foot in front of the other on the various balance platforms. Each log has a ribbed top platform to help prevent slipping. The logs are connected with rope, which may be adjusted to different lengths, different combinations and degrees of difficulty. Made from strong polypropylene, these logs can easily support an adult's weight. Each log platform measures 19.7"L x 3.9"W x 3.9"H. Total length measures 14.5'. Ages 2+.

Key Features :

Use these balance beams to teach better balance and proper movement while building the child's sense of coordination in a supportive environment.A great kindergarten toy to teach children confidence as their balance improves. The Step-a-Logs work well indoors and outdoors, especially when matched with other challenges in an obstacle course!The balance step logs are connected with rope so that each can be moved closer or further away, creating a new challenges for kids as they progress.Balance ramps at both ends enable easy access for children to balance walk up. The ribbed tops help prevent children from slipping.Due to their ease of scalability, these balance beams are used by occupational and physical therapists as they work with children to improve coordination and balance.Step-a-Logs can easily support the weight of an adult. The learning toy has a modular design that can scale up or down for children's learning experience, plus they can stack for efficient storage.