Slider Memo Xb Ball 10 Pens Purple Schneider

Stride, Inc.

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Slider Memo XB with Viscoglide® Ink Technology for extraordinary easy and gliding writing. Line width XB 1.4 mm. Ergonomic shape with rubberized surface for comfort. Ink dries quickly even when highlighted. Wear-resistant stainless steel tip and a cap with a sturdy metal clip and fits neatly on the end of the barrel. Waterproof Purple ink. Each box includes 10 pens.

Key Features :

Smooth as gel. Ink dries quickly without smearing for an extra bold writing experience.Viscoglide Advanced Ink TechNOlogy for a smooth writing experienceErgoNOmic shape with rubberized surfaceWear-resistant stainless steel tip with XB 1.4 mm line width