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Find and feed hungry puppies! Players shake the Dog Bowl Randomizer to find out which pup to feed, then scan the board for the pup with matching colors. The player who finds the matching pup first feeds it a bone. The first player to give away all bones first wins! Psst, They're Learning! • Helps increase recognition skills • Boosts concentration and memory skills • Promotes sharing and turn taking • Helps develop social skills Cut to the Chase • A puppy-rific version of best-selling Robot Face Race™, but for younger players! • Includes Dog Bowl Randomizer with 6 different colors • Game board features 30 different puppies • 20 Bone-shaped game pieces • Multilingual instruction guide • No reading required for gameplay! • For 2-4 players • Ages 3-5

Key Features :

Find and feed the hungry puppies in this adorable game for preschoolers!Includes Dog Bowl Randomizer, game board with 3 different puppies, and 2 bone-shaped game pieces.Playing boosts concentration and builds visual discrimination skills.A puppy-rific version of best-selling Robot Face Race, perfect for younger players!