Pre Coding Penguin Activity Cards

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Designed to be used alongside the Pre-Coding Penguin Stones (sold separately), these sturdy and washable plastic cards will inspire the use of specific positional and directional language, as children have fun moving the penguins around their natural environments. They include a range of activities that will extend children's matching, sequencing, pattern making and logical thinking. And, once children are secure with the physical skills of ordering and maneuvering, they will have the confidence to apply the same skills in more abstract ways with digital interfaces. Size: 8" x 11". Age 3+.

Key Features :

Match, sequence, pattern-make and think logicallyThese sturdy cards will extend children's learning with the Pre-Coding Penguin StonesDevelop all the skills needed prior to coding on a digital interfaceSuitable for children aged 3 years and up