Picture Recognition Bingo Game 5 St

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Bingo games for kids are a long-time favorite in the classroom and at home. Every game in the Stages' Bingo Game Series combines the tried and true fun of bingo with beautiful real photos. Kids won't even know they're learning while they search their players' cards to match the beautiful photographs with the words called by the instructor.

Key Features :

Traditional bingo games for kids meet beautiful real-photo images! Now with a new modern twist - a Bingo Caller's App for iPad & iPhone.Preschool Bingo games for kids have become extremely popular. Stages' bingo games follow common early childhood themes, including: animal bingo, careers bingo, nutrition bingo/foods bingo, transportation bingo, everyday objects and shapes & Colors bingo.Real photo Bingo games will help kids learn valuable vocabulary and reading skills while having fun with their friends!And, with the FREE Bingo Caller's App you can bring in a digital twist, transforming your games into 6 different languages! Great for ESL & Foreign Language Practice! For iPad & iPhone.