Pet Counters

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Colorful counters are perfect for all of your counting and sorting activities. Pets include: bird, cat, dog, fish, rabbit, and turtle. Colors include: blue, green, purple, red, orange and yellow. Set of 72 in 6 pet shapes in 6 different colors, packaged in a plastic jar with a lid that includes built in handle.

Key Features :

Themed counters are an enjoyable way to practice early math skills. Develop early logic and reasoning skills but using these counters for counting and sorting activities.Young minds will love this hands-on teaching aid in learning how to sort, sequence, add, subtract and multiply.Plastic counters have a warm, grippy feel and are highly detailed to stimulate the senses.Conveniently packaged in a storage jar with lid and carry handle.With 6 different colors, these counters are a hands-on, visual tool to develop color recognition.