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Handy classpacks give you more control over the quantity given out. No more wasted product! Model Magic is air-drying, non-staining, and easy to manipulate material. Colors can be blended to create even more colors! Decorate with materials like markers, glitter glue, paint, tin foil, or other components readily available in the classroom or art room to create multiple day lessons. Sturdy, re-usable packaging makes storing & organizing simple. FREE colorful lesson plan booklet included with every Classpack! Includes 75 - 1 oz. packs of Model Magic Modeling Compound; 21 packs of white, and 18 packs each of red, blue, and yellow.

- Contains 75 1oz freshness pouches - 21 White, 18 each of Blue, Red and Yellow
- Primary colors can be mixed completely for new colors or can be mixed part-way for a marbleized look
- No prep time needed - just open "freshness pouches" and start
- Perfect for take-home projects
- Includes a Free classroom lesson plan booklet - 6 colorful pages of Model Magic®ideas