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The Merriam-Webster's Notebook Spanish-English Dictionary is a quick-reference, bilingual and bidirectional guide to Spanish and American English, designed for 3-ring binders. Especially for students grades 5 and up. Nearly 45,000 entries with coverage of Latin American Spanish. Includes concise definitions, pronunciations, and examples of words used in context. Special sections include Metric System Conversions, Spanish and English Numbers, Common Spanish and English Abbreviations, Irregular English Verbs, and Nations of the World. Includes 112 pages. Measures 8.5" x 10.875". Paperback, 3-hole punched binding.

Key Features :

Simple beginners Spanish-English Dictionary for grades 5-8bilingual, bidirectional had 45,000 entriesDesigned for 3-ring bindersCovers irregular English verbs