Matching Pairs Create N Play

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These 20 versatile Beech wood disks are limited only by the imagination! One side of each disk contains a large black circle that is ready to be drawn or written on with chalk. Create matching and memory games using letters, shapes and numbers, use them as collectible rewards for chores or create subitized patterns on them to help with subitizing skills… the possibilities are endless. Each disk measures 1.9" in diameter and 0.1" thick. For ages 2+.

Key Features :

This wooden matching game features large black surfaces to draw shapes, numbers and pictures for endless imaginative play! Blackboard surfaces are on one side for memory and matching games.Improve your little one's memory, critical thinking and problem-solving skills as they work to match the pairs.All pieces are coated with a safe, water-based lacquer which makes them smooth to touch.For advanced lessons, draw letters for spelling and word games. Or, create your own games and lessons at home or school.The 20 customizable pieces make for versatile and open-ended arts and crafts materials.The set is packaged in a handy drawstring bag for easy clean-up and storage. Each disk measures 1.9" in diameter and 0.1" thick. For ages 2+.