Map Skills For Today Gr 2

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Give your second graders a fun way to practice map-reading skills with the exciting activity book made just for them! Map Skills for Today includes: • 48 pages of engaging, developmentally appropriate geography lessons • Simple explanations of geography concepts to introduce students to the world • Fun activities that give students essential map reading practice to build key skills • Colorful maps including road, landform and political maps • Critical-thinking questions that ask students to draw conclusions from each map Here are just a few of the topics we cover: • What is a Globe? • Where is Your State? • Map Symbols and Map Key • The Compass Rose • Visiting a New Town • How Near? How Far?

Key Features :

Practice math, reading, and critical thinking skills with activities on using a compass, making map keys and grids, and understanding political maps.Highlighting sophisticated map-reading techniquesThis activity book encourages students to think critically about how the world is organizedKids go even deeper by analyzing and drawing conclusions from each mapFor use with Grade 4