Living Organisms Teaching Poster St 4 Posters

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Posters are a fun way to set the tone for a unit and as a visual reference tool for your students, whether in a classroom or at home. This set of four, colorful 17 x 22 posters includes: cell theory/types of cells (plant/animal/bacterial), tissues/organs/body systems, 6 characteristics of living organisms, and the 8 classifications of living organisms. Each set includes 4 reproducible activity sheets, a teacher's guide, and 4 sturdy 17" x 22" posters that together create a dramatic display of the planets in their orbits.

Key Features :

Decorate and educated with there poster sets, which contain 4 sturdy 17" x 22" posters, four reproducible activity sheets and a teacher's guideUse these 4 posters on Living Organisms to brighten your classroom and educate your students4 Posters, four reproducible activity sheets and Teacher's guide makes this a great valueKey information is presented in a clear, concise manner