Just Teach Shape Cards Mini Bbs School Girl Style

Carson Dellosa

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Help students learn shapes by providing a content-rich mini bulletin board set. The 24-piece Just Teach Shape Cards Mini Bulletin Board Set includes: • 1 header (21" x 6") • 12 shape cards (6" x 8.8") • 11 small shapes (smallest: 3.31" x 1.9", largest: 3.58" x 3.46") This set provides a convenient visual reference for students year-round and can be used as a center activity for early learners. The Schoolgirl Style™ line of contemporary classroom accessories takes the guesswork out of styling, managing, and perfecting classroom design. Each collection, designed by Melanie Ralbusky, offers a signature look that transforms empty spaces into extraordinary environments for students to enjoy.

Key Features :

The 24-piece Just Teach Shape Cards mini bulletin board set provides a year-round visual reference for students. This early learning resource helps students learn shapes in an engaging way.Provides visual reinforcement to strengthen shape recognitionIdeal for hands-on center activitiesPerfect for small spaces