Grammar 9 Poster Set

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Help your students learn about grammar by displaying our beautiful grammar posters throughout the classroom! Children will love the eye-catching design and simple explanations of grammar functions. Set includes Collective Noun, Verb/Adverb, Noun, Simile, Prefix/Suffix, Idiom, Compound Word Adjective, and Homophone/Synonym/Antonym. These posters provide an easy way to help students memorize these grammar functions through striking visuals and clear examples.

Key Features :

Use these colorful anchor charts for a visual supplement to your grammar curriculum.Each poster measures 13 3/8" x 19".Includes: Verb/Adverb, Noun, Collective Noun, Simile, Idiom, Compound Word, Adjective, Homophone/Synonym/Antonym, and Prefix/Suffix.Correlates to Common Core Standards.