Family Diversity Blocks

Miniland Educational Corporation

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As an educator, explaining different kinds of families in a simple manner to students can be a challenge. Our Family Diversity Blocks are here to help. This game helps with understanding the different kinds of families that children may encounter in modern society, encouraging respect for diversity with activities involving moving and building. It is a fun way for children to mix and match blocks (hair, face and body) to build families. Game comes with three different hair colors, three different skin tones, adult and child bodies and one pet! One set can be used in the classroom with an educator leading the discussion and building families one at a time. For a speedier process, one set can be used by 4 to 6 students max.

Key Features :

Social and Emotional Learning toyDeals in the values of diversity, inclusion and toleranceFor ages 2-6 years oldSingle or multi-player