Enduromat Kindermat 2 X 24 X 48

Peerless Plastics Inc.

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The EnduroMat is the strongest, toughest, and longest lasting of the KinderMat line. These mats are made of unbelievably durable vinyl, that is reinforced with polyester, and tear-proof. In addition, the EnduroMat has a high strength nylon binding that will not crack or fray. Your kids will be in dream land in no time on these comfortable, 2 inch thick, easy to clean, red & blue color combination mats! Measuring at 2" x 24" x 48" when laid flat. These mats have a tri-fold, four section design that makes storage a breeze, folding down to 12" x 24" x 8".

Key Features :

Measures 24" x 48" and 2 Inches ThickExtra Tough Polyester Reinforced Vinyl Covering and a Black High Strength Nylon BindingRed/Blue Color CombinationFour Sections, With a Tri-Fold to 12" x 24"