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This Early Learning Essentials Poster Set is a "must have" item for preschool and kindergarten classrooms and home learning environments. The set includes nine 19" high x 13 3/8" wide posters that visually reinforce key early learning skills. These posters will help your children: 1) recognize uppercase and lowercase letters and demonstrate beginning sounds (e.g. "a is for alligator"); 2) recognize numbers and count from 1 to 120; 3) recognize and name primary and secondary colors; 4) identify and name two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes; 5) read commonly used (high-frequency) sight words; 6) read commonly used (high-frequency) nouns; 7) describe an object's position in the environment relative to another object (e.g. above, below, in front of); 8) understand place values and learn to compose and decompose numbers by 10s and 1s (base 10); 9) learn to tell and write time in analog and digital formats.

- Support Early Learning Skills with this great set of visuals!
- Correlates to Common Core Standards.
- Includes: Alphabet, Numbers 1-120, colors, shapes, sight words, nouns, relative positions, base 10, telling time.
- Each poster measures 13 3/8" x 19".