Daily Visual Schedule Pocket Chart

Carson Dellosa

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The Daily Visual Schedule portable scheduling tool is designed to reduce student anxiety and help teachers manage the behaviors of students with autism, ADHD, and other special needs. This set folds for easy transportation and storage and can be folded to pocket size, hung on a wall, or laid across a desk, depending on your students' needs. This 193-piece classroom resource includes the following pieces: • 1 pocket chart (4.25'' x 21.75'') with 6 clear pockets (4.25'' x 2'') and 1 storage pocket (4.25'' x 4'') • 16 sheets of cards (7.75'' x 10'') with 187 picture cards and 5 blank cards. The Key Education line provides supplemental special education products designed to support the learning needs of special learners. Whether you're looking for help in general learning, communication, emotions, social skills, behavior management, or life skills, this line has a product to meet and exceed your specific needs. Explore hands-on games and puzzles, photographic learning cards, teacher resource books, workbooks, and more.

Key Features :

Perfect for helping students transition from one activity to another without surprise or anxietyFolds into a pocket size, hangs on a wall, lies across a desk--can be used anywhereCan be used at school or at home, inside or outsideStorage pocket for completed cards helps students understand when an activity is finished and another is coming up