Complete Mounted Us Flag Set 3x5 8 Ft Pole

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Colonial Nyl-Glo Flags feature high gloss, densely embroidered stars and lock-stitched, hand sewn stripes and hems. Finished with flannel-lined pole heading, Velcro tabs and golden yellow rayon fringe. For indoor use. • Densely Embroidered Stars • Lock-Stitched Hand-Sewn Stripes • Flannel-Lined Pole Heading • Golden Yellow Rayon Fringe • Packed Fully Mounted and Ready for Use • Includes Liberty Floor Stand • Fringed Colonial Nyl-Glo U.S. Flag • 2-Piece Polished Oak Pole • 7" ABS Styrene Eagle • Golden Yellow Cord and Tassels • Ships in One Carton

Key Features :

Lock-stitched hand-sewn stripesDensely embroidered starsGolden yellow cord and tasselsPacked fully mounted and ready for useIncludes liberty floor stand and 2-piece polished oak pole; flag measures 3' x 5'