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Pull apart eggs come housed in a plastic egg carton. When separated, the halves reveal brightly colored centers with corresponding numbers of pegs and holes.

• A classic tool for learning to count, number recognition and color matching, these eggs pull apart to reveal matching halves.
• Designed for small hands. Pieces feature pegs and holes, making the numbers tactile while encouraging the development of finger dexterity and coordination.
• Inspire curiosity and role play. Toddlers love to investigate each egg! Watch their fascination grow as they "crack" eggs apart and put them back together.
• Colors help kids learn! These eggs will help both visual and tactile learners for a truly multisensory learning experience.

This educational pack of 12 eggs contains matching numbers of pegs and holes, along with 12 matching colors, in each egg center. Plastic egg carton measures 11.7"L and egg diameter is 1.8".