Careers Curriculum Business Ethics & Etiquette For Students


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There will be a code of etiquette that applies in the workplace, regardless of where you go to work. There are also ethical principles that you need to know about before working with any business. Being well versed in workplace professionalism will set you apart from the crowd when you start your first job. You don't have to head into a new job, now or in the future, without knowledge of business ethics and etiquette. Now, you can be prepared. Business Ethics and Etiquette for Students-You MUST Know These! teaches kids what employers look for in their employees, as well as what your coworkers will expect from you, all from author and entrepreneur Carole Marsh as she shares everything she has learned about professional success in her years as a business leader.

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Whether students plan to attend college or not, preparedness for the workplace is essential to success.Each of the 6 different titles in the Career Curriculum series is committed to preparing students for the "real world," detailing the steps and missteps on the journey to finding a successful career. This careers curriculum provides information about whatRemarkably inclusive and relevant for today's students.Must-have resources for any 21st Century educator, parent or student.