Buddy Readers Classroom Set Level D

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Young learners will love these funny, easy-to-read storybooks correlated with guided reading level D. This unique set includes 5 copies of 20 tales—starring Mary Fairy, Sam Snowman, Harry Spider, and The Cave Kids—for a total of 100 books! As children read, they'll grow attached to these irresistible characters AND build essential early reading skills. Each story features patterned text and strong picture cues, making them perfect for guided reading groups or independent reading time. Includes a complete teaching guide packed with skill-building reproducibles.

Key Features :

New readers will love these funny, character-driven storybooks—including 5 Mary Fairy stories, 5 Sam Snowman stories, and 5 Harry Spider stories, and 5 The Cave Kids stories—for a total of 100 Level D tales. Includes a complete teaching guide packed withThis set of 100 books (5 copies of 20 tales) is value-priced and provides a critical mass of Level D books to ensure children can master this all-important first level.The stories include multiple stories about the same lovable characters plus kid-friendly topics and easy text to motivate new readers to succeed.Includes a complete teaching guide filled with guided reading tips, instant comprehension questions, and literacy-boosting reproducibles.