Blank Student Number Lines Gr K-3

Carson Dellosa

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Blank Student Number Lines allow teachers to differentiate math instruction for students' individual needs. These open-ended number lines also provide teachers with a customizable, hands-on tool for every math lesson. Each set of student number lines includes 30 number lines that measure 22" x 1.5" each. They also feature a write-on/wipe-away surface to make it easy for students to use over and over again! Student number lines are the perfect hands-on tool for reinforcing mathematical concepts such as counting, identifying number patterns, partitioning numbers, comparing numbers, and building number sense.

Key Features :

Pack includes 30 number linesNumber lines measure 22" x 1.5"Perfect for number recognition, sequencing, and countingUse different colored markers to color code odd and even numbersWrite-on/wipe-away surface