Black Heritage Celebrating Culture Monumental Moments


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In the Monumental Moments In African American History book, kids will learn about African American men and women who have dreamed big, lived large, and died for what they believed in. They will learn of events that impacted and changed the way a nation embraced people of different cultures. Lessons of individuality, tolerance, and persistence abound.

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Colossal... enormous... gargantuan... giant... gigantic... heroic... significant... substantial... MOMUNENTAL! These words describe the amazing people and significant events that have contributed to African American Heritage - and the great history of theThe Black Heritage GameBook, See What You Know & Learn Lots More book is a book for all ages: math, reading, history, writing and more!These games can be played for speed or at a child's individual pace. While tracking points, anticipation will mount and confidence will soar! However you decide to organize play with this 32-reproducible GameBook, every child will learn and retain importa