Black Heritage Celebrating Culture Big Book Of Activities


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These contemporary, eye-catching, educational, and FUN resources are must-haves for use throughout the year and especially in February! Excellent content and reproducible activities make it easy to teach about the wide range of events, people and places impacted by black history. Award-winning author Carole Marsh wrote each book with her passion for bringing multicultural topics to life for all children, regardless of their ethnic background. Set includes Black Trivia, Best Book of Black Biographies, Celebrating Black Heritage: 20 Days, Monumental Moments in African American History, Black Heritage Gamebook, Big Book of African American Activities, Coloring Book, Big and Mini Timelines, African American Heroes Bulletin Board and Borders.

Key Features :

Written by award-winning author Carole Marsh, author of more than 60 children’s books about black historyBooks combine fascinating facts with contemporary eye-catching graphics to present educational content that is kid-friendly and fun