Behavior Stickers Pack Of 320

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Behavior Stickers were designed to help teachers with classroom behavior management by giving their students an opportunity to monitor their own classroom behavior. Behavior stickers contain a Green Happy Face sticker, a Yellow Caution Face sticker and a Red Sad Face sticker, that can help kids learn to identify their classroom behavior and then make the necessary improvements with the proper motivation and incentives. Stickers measure 1/2". Each sheet includes 40 Green Stickers, 20 Yellow Stickers, 20 Red Stickers. Each pack includes 4 sheets for a total of 320 stickers.

Key Features :

This unique Hygloss product was created to help Teachers manage their classrooms better by giving students a clear message of their daily Behavior in the classroomThese 1/2" stickers will work best with the Hygloss Behavior Chart or any other incentive chart that accommodates this size stickerEach pack includes 4 sheets for a total of 320 stickers