Backpack Bear Counters

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These 96 colorful plastic bears in three weights (24 each of 4 gram, 8 gram, 12 gram) and six colors are perfect for size-grading, mass comparison, counting and sorting. Packaged in a plastic storage jar with handle. Grades K+.

Key Features :

These bear counters come in 3 sizes with 3 different weights and 6 colors. Young children will learn size-grading, weight comparison, counting and sorting with these colorful and fun counters.These rainbow bear counters consist of three sizes and are proportionately weighed to help kids understand concepts like volume, mass and weight.Use these three different sized bears to create fun and creative stories about a three bear family or combine with our other themed counters to create different scenes.This set comes with 96 Backpack Bear Counters. There are 24 each of 12g Papa and 8g Mama bears, and 48 of 4g Baby bears.Made of durable plastic, the bears come in six colors: yellow, red, green, blue, orange and purple. They are packaged in a storage container with a sturdy for ages 3+.