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With the help of the Apples name tags, learning names and labeling folders is more a-peel-ing than ever! Each of the 40 self-adhesive Apples name tags features blue borders with an apple pair at the bottom corner. Whether you're labeling items in the classroom or taking students on a field trip, name tags are an essential organizational tool. These self-adhesive tags can be placed on storage boxes, folders, cubbies, and shelves to ensure everything stays in place. Make sure to view our coordinating products to create a cohesive classroom theme.

- Our 40-piece pack of self-adhesive Apples name tags makes labeling shelves, cubbies, folders easy as pie!
- Perfect for science fairs, field trips, assemblies, and staff meetings
- Personalize these big stickers and use them to reward children's good work or behavior
- These name tags make it easy to creatively organize storage boxes, bins, cubbies, shelves, and more
- Use these convenient name tags at school, at home, or in the office