(6 Pk) Jumbo Craft Sticks 6x.75 100 Per Pk Natural

Dixon Ticonderoga Co - Pacon

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Jumbo craft sticks are the size of "tongue depressors", and are ideal for any arts and crafts project. Each stick is 6" in length, .75" wide, and 2 mm thick. These wood sticks accept many types of glue and paints, and are ideal for building 3D projects and structures. Construct a castle, build a bridge, or make a crate. Each pack includes 100 sticks. Sold as 6 packs for a total of 600 craft sticks.

Key Features :

Craft sticks measure 6" length, .75" wide, 2 mm thickAccept many types of glues and paintsIdeal for building 3D structures and projectsNatural wood100 per pack, sold as 6 packs, 600 crafts sticks total