(6 Pk) Galaxy Mini Incentive Charts

Carson Dellosa

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Use mini incentive charts as a fun way for students to track growth, one sticker at a time! Help students remain focused on goals with Galaxy Mini Incentive Charts. Each of the mini incentive charts measures 4.75" x 5". Each pack includes 30 mini incentive charts, and 630 chart seals—7 sheets with 90 seals per sheet. Sold as 6 packs for a total of 180 mini incentive charts and 3780 chart seals. Mini incentive charts provide a fun interactive way to keep students involved in setting goals and tracking progress. Make sure to view Carson-Dellosa's other Galaxy products to create a cohesive classroom theme.

Key Features :

Each chart has space for a student's name and 20 stickersUse daily to reinforce routine tasks or to motivate students to work toward completing tasks or reaching a goalUse these mini incentive charts and seals at school or home to keep track of good behavior, chores, or homework assignments