3d Shapes Mini Accents

Trend Enterprises Inc.

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Introduce 3-D shapes: sphere, cylinder, cube, cone, prism, and pyramid. Create learning games, reinforce color recognition, and label lockers, cubbies, and storage. Endless possibilities! 3" tall, precut & ready to use. Durable & reusable. 6 shapes, 36 pieces.

Key Features :

Representations of spheres, cylinders, cubes, cones, prisms, & pyramids, for instruction and décor.Mini Accents Variety Packs support learning activities such as patterning, sequencing, and grouping.Place on calendars to mark special days and events; add a special touch to party favors and treats.Diecut with durable cardstock. 6 shapes, 36 pieces.Durable and reusable, made from sturdy cardstock.