(3 Pk) Part Whole Activity Cards Gr K-2 80 Cards Per Pk

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Visual support to understand number relationships. Students use Part-Whole Activity Cards to practice combination of numbers to 10. For example, when students look at a card that shows 2 and 3 as parts of 5, they see the relationship between numbers - and they also see that 3 is greater than 2 as these cards show size relationships. Students work with these 5" x 5" activity cards to build fluency, and gain number sense at the same time. Teachers can use the cards with groups, in pairs or with individuals. Answers are on the flip side of the card, so it's easy for students to check their own or each other's work. Easy to differentiate, too! 80 two-sided cards per pack, bundle of 3 packs, 240 cards total

Key Features :

Shows greater than, less than value of numbers while illustrating relationships between numbers, self-checking80 two-sided cards illustrates relationships between numbers while showing greater than, less than value of numbers, self-cehckingCards help practice number sense, counting, cardinality, operations and algebraic thinking.5" x 5" cards