(3 Ea) Jumbo 12 Sided Foam Die

Learning Advantage

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Introduce probability concepts with this soft foam die that is perfect for classroom demonstration. To aid in teaching numbers, addition, subtraction, equality, number games, probability and more! The giant foam die is soft, quiet and easy to read. Because it is lightweight and easy to handle, it is simple and safe to toss. Great for beginners and for those with vision impairments. The 12-sided die is great for many dice activities and can be tossed onto a table or the floor! Each 12-sided die measures 12cm diameter. For grades PreK+. Bundle includes 3 dice.

Key Features :

Great to use for games and as a teaching tool!Dice can be used to explore problem solving such as number concepts, operations, probability, statistics, pre-algebra and more.Use as an example for dice activities4.75" diameter