(2 Pk) Wiggle Eyes Stacking Storage Containers With Eyes

Dixon Ticonderoga Co - Pacon

SKU: CK-3407BN
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Great for storing and organizing! This fantastic assortment comes with 5 unique sizes and shapes of Wiggle eyes, each individually packaged in its own reusable storage container. Each set of screw-bottom containers feature a 5-tier pack (560 round and oval black wiggle eyes) in the following sizes: 5 mm x 288 pieces, 7 mm x 144 pieces, 10 mm x 72 pieces, 15 mm x 36 pieces. Sold as 2 sets for a total of 1120 pieces.

Key Features :

Includes reusable storage containerAssorted sizesBlack and whiteSold as 2 sets for a total of 1120 pieces