(2 Pk) Palm Modeling Dough Rollers 3 Per Pack

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Creative play is lots of fun with these great tools, as children learn how to roll the various patterns using dough, clay, or paint to make fanciful designs. Each tool has an easy to use plastic handle that fits nicely into a child's palm. These patented tools are designed for young children to use as palm rollers. If paint is used, these tools clean up easily with soap and warm water. Each set includes 3 rollers in 3 designs: rows of stars with the planet Saturn, rows of hearts, and a flower pattern. Sold as 2 packs for a total of 6 rollers.

Key Features :

Designed to use by young childrenDepending on the type of paint used, can be easily cleaned with soap and waterBuilds a child's imaginationCan be used on dough, clay, or paint