(2 Pk) Crafty Dab Paint Whiteboard Paint Schoolboard Paint 6 Per Pk

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Unique formula markers, specially designed for use on both chalkboards and dry-erase boards! Washable, vibrant, wet-erase colors come off with a damp cloth. Great for use in even young classes. No shadow stains, no mess, no leak and no waste, dauber-topped bottles put the paint where you want it! 6-color set includes blue, green, orange, purple, red and yellow. 1.4 oz. Non-toxic. Each pack includes 6 bottles. Sold as 2 packs for a total of 12 bottles.

Key Features :

Crafty Dab Paint Assortments with a new, special, positive acting spring valve and special foam applicator designed for easy use with no messEasy to use and wipes off cleanly with water.Assorted colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purpleNon-toxic, fast drying