(2 Ea) Weird Slime Goo Lab

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Learn valuable STEM lessons with this disgusting science kit that has everything included in one box. Perfect for children aged 8+, this kit enables experiments to create slimeballs, guts and gizzards, blood clots, boogers and more! Weird Slime Goo Lab contains 15 components including ingredients in resealable containers, detailed instruction and education booklet, laboratory tools, safety equipment and vials to store the results for observation and later use. Kit includes 1 sodium alginate, 1 calcium chloride with water, 1 wild food dye dripper-red, 1 wild food dye dripper- green, 1 beaker 100ml, 1 beaker 30ml, 1 mask, 1 googles, 3 pipettes, 1 spoon, 1 blue spoon, 3 craft sticks, 1 pair of gloves, 2 jar with lid, 1 plastic dish, 1 workbench and 1 instruction booklet. Sold as a pack of 2 complete kits.

Key Features :

WILD! ScienceTM is the new STEM-ready, student-proven range of science kits that teach as well as entertain!Children will be fascinated when they create slimeballs, guts, gizzards, blood clots, boogers and more!A great way to help kids become familiar with science lab tools.All containers are resealable for later use and easy clean-up.