(2 Ea) Learning Basic Skills Thru Music Vol 5

Educational Activities

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Part of Hap Palmer's innovative "basic skills through music" series. Focusing on Foundational Skills for Kindergarten Readiness, this album engages children in physical activities that express a variety of ideas, and introduce new vocabulary and math skills. Your children will be engaged in creative and exciting learning through imaginative movement activities. Pack of 2 identical CDs. Includes these songs: 1. Ricky Stick Man 2. Pocket Full of B's 3. Someone Took Something Somewhere 4. All the Colors of the Rainbow 5. A Question of Luck 6. Walking Through the Jungle 7. Tap Out the Answer 8. Thirty Second Challenge 9. What I Did Today 10. Tug-A-Tug

Key Features :

Foundational Skills for Kindergarten ReadinessIntegration of music and movementPurposeful PlayEngaging literacy and numeracy activities