(12 Bx)crayola Oil Pastels 16 Color Set

Crayola Llc

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In brilliant, opaque colors, these Crayola Oil Pastels have a smooth consistency and colors can be blended for cool art effects. This pack contains enough gorgeous colors to satisfy every junior artist, whatever they're creating. Crayola Oil Pastels have a hexagonal shape, making them easy to grip. They are tightly wrapped for durability and the colors are non-toxic for parents' peace of mind. Each box includes 16 Crayola Oil Pastels in various colors. Bundle includes 12 boxes for a total of 192 crayons.

Key Features :

Easy to blend, rich colors with a creamy laydownPointed tips allow for detailed drawing in rich colors.Easy to hold hexagonal shapeNon-toxic. 16 assorted colors