Resources & Tools

Free Textbooks, Audio books, and eBooks

  1. Free audio books
  2. Free eBooks
  3. Free online text books
  4. Free access to children's books in different languages
  5. Free textbook collection
  6. OER Commons: free textbooks by subject and grade level.
Foreign Languages
  1. Free lessons in 40 different languages
  2. An introduction to Spanish
  3. Introduction to German
  4. Introduction to French
  5. Introduction to Chinese
  6. Introduction to Italian

Video Lessons & Tutorials

  1. Khan Academy: Free Lessons. Math, Science, Language Arts, Computing, Test Prep, ...etc.
  2. iTunes University: Free online courses from top universities.
  3. multimedia resources for students, teachers, and lifelong learners.
  4. MIT K12: Videos teaching basic concepts in science and engineering.


  1. National Geographic
  2. World Atlas


  1. A biography of America
  2. World history
  3. Ancient web
  4. US Government
  5. Teaching history
  6. World wonders


  1. AAA Math: A comprehensive set of interactive arithmetic lessons. 
  2. Inside Statistics: Shows students the relevance of statistics in real-world settings. 
  3. Algebra: A step-by-step look at algebra concepts. 
  4. Calculus Lifesaver: Lecture series to help you master calculus.
  5. IXL:  Thousands of exercises designed to help young students (K-8) practice math. 
  6. Math Shack: Allows students to practice an infinite number of auto-generated math problems in Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Geometry.
  7. Sum Dog: math practice ages 5-14 years old.


  1. Atlas of the universe
  2. Chemistry activities for kids
  3. Dynamic periodic table
  4. NASA for students
  5. Physics to go
  6. Science kids
  7. Teach engineering

Test Prep

  1.  Khan Academy Tutorials
  2. SAT Practice
  3. ACT Practice


Other Tools

  1. Code Academy
  2. Google code academy
  3. Free online typing lessons