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Encourage those young inquisitive minds with this range of STEM Top Trumps. Explore what airplanes have in common with a hairdryer; find out how a 2000 year old Roman creation is more innovative than a digital-age breakthrough; how Mother Nature has influenced mankind, and how maths can help us answer peculiar questions such as whether it is possible to control a forest fire. This range of Top Trumps deconstructs each of the 4 STEM topics (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) into fun games through which kids and parents alike can learn about the fascinating applications of the relevant topics in today's world. With interesting facts and themes a plenty, these packs are filled to the brim with interesting content! Easily used as a classroom aid to inspire young minds and initiate conversation around the STEM topics in a fun and light manner. This bundle includes the following individual packs: Sensational Science, Terrific Technology, Extraordinary Engineering and Peculiar Problems (and how we use maths to solve them)! Each pack contains 30 cards and a plastic case.